The choices you have

Edniche online is a platform customized to cater the need of Cambodian students to keep learning and growing despite tight schedule,.

You now have four choices of learning paths.
Happy Learning to all. 

Which is the best?

The answer is with you. Each path has its own strengths and challenges. You can choose based on your budget, availability, and convenience.
Whichever you choose, remember learning needs effort and commitment.

More information

Start with BLEND

learn much better than before

The challenges of a teacher teaching part-time is always about seeing the students struggling but cannot do much to help due to time and physical constrain. 

But it is all in the past now. 

Take the Test Online

Wherever you are

Some courses require you take the placement test before enrollment.

You can now take it online from wherever you are. All you need is a computer or mobile phone with internet connection. 

15% - 20% OFF

For all BLEND courses

This is the best time to enroll in BLEND. You can get 15% – 20% off on all courses by enrolling in the term starting this 26 March 2020. 

Discount ends on 10 April 2020. Contact us now. Do not wait! 

After deciding on the course and learning path, enrollment is

Simple and Easy.

1. Take the Placement Test

You can take placement test by coming to school or online with a computer or mobile phone.

2. Pay the Fee through ABA or Wing

After your placement test result, you can easily pay to enroll through any wing agent, Wing mobile app, or ABA mobile app.

3. Get into Class

After your payment is confirmed, you will be connected to your class accordingly.

BLEND & VIRTUAL key dates

  • 26/03/20: start of BLEND courses for Term 38
  • 10/04/20: end of Term 38 placement test and enrollment in BLEND 
  • 20/04/20: start of the placement test and enrollment for BLEND (Term 39) and VIRTUAL (Term I)
  • 20/04/20: start of 15% discount offer, with 15% discount-lock for one year, to all VIRTUAL enrollment
  • 31/05/20: end of 15% discount and one year discount-lock of all VIRTUAL enrollment. 
  • 31/05/20: start of 25% discount offer to all VIRTUAL enrollment. 
  • 24/06/20: start of BLEND Term 39 
  • 01/07/20: start of VIRTUAL Term 1. 


Keep calm and wait!

Learn with the very best

Join our course and start building your English language skills. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the level of proficiency they deserved.

Available Courses


Guaranteed General English Program with IELTS 6+ Guarantee


English for General Communication


IELTS Preparation Course

Try Virtual

10$ Course

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