EGC is for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English.  A perfect balance of challenge and support gradually builds students’ confidence and lets them have real success communicating in English. Students learn best from their own experiences, and EGC encourages them to bring ideas and opinions to class with personalization activities on every page.

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Estimated Time: 3 months

Difficulty: Basic User (A2)


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    • How was your vacation?
      • Vocabulary: Vacation activities (mobile)
      • Grammar: Agreeing and disagreeing (mobile)
      • Listening practice (mobile)
      • Reading: A Tough Vacation (mobile) 
      • Writing: A conversation about your likes and dislikes (mobile)
    • I think it’s exciting!
      • Vocabulary: Movies and music (mobile)
      • Grammar: Adjectives ending in -ing and -ed
      • Listening practice
      • Reading: Movie disasters! (mobile)
      • Writing: A letter with people\’s opinion about movies (mobile)
    • Do it before you’re 30!
      • Vocabulary: Extreme sports and activities (mobile)
      • Grammar: The present perfect (mobile)
      • Listening practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Have you seen anything like this?
      • Writing: A celebrity interview (mobile)
    • The best place in the world!
      • Vocabulary: Geography (mobile)
      • Grammar: Superlative adjectives (mobile)
      • Listening practice (mobile)
      • Reading: The most dangerous place on the planet (mobile)
      • Writing: An email describing your city (mobile)
    • Where’s the party?
      • Vocabulary: Celebrations (mobile)
      • Grammar: Adverbial clauses: before, after, and when (mobile)
      • Listening practice
      • Reading: Festival time in Latin America
      • Writing: A description of a festival or event (mobile)
    • You should try it!
      • Vocabulary: Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles (mobile)
      • Grammar: should and have to (mobile)
      • Listening practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Are you a stressed-out student? (mobile)
      • Writing: An email describing a class (mobile)