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EGC is for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English.  A perfect balance of challenge and support gradually builds students’ confidence and lets them have real success communicating in English. Students learn best from their own experiences, and EGC encourages them to bring ideas and opinions to class with personalization activities on every page.

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Estimated Time: 3 months

Difficulty: Basic User (A1)


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    • Which one is cheaper?
      • Vocabulary: Clothing
      • Grammar: Comparative adjectives (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Shopping around the world (mobile)
      • Writing: An email about clothes (mobile)
    • What’s she like?
      • Vocabulary: Appearance and personality (mobile) 
      • Grammar: Be like and look like (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Best friends (mobile)
      • Writing: A paragraph about your personality and appearance (mobile)
    • What can you do there?
      • Vocabulary: Local attractions
      • Grammar: Can and can’t
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Advice and information on sightseeing in Istanbul (mobile)
      • Writing: An article about things for visitors to do in your town (mobile)
    • Is there a bank near here?
      • Vocabulary: Places around town
      • Grammar: There is and there are (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Areas to visit in Sydney and Vancouver (mobile)
      • Writing: An email about the street where you live (mobile)
    • Did you have a good time?
      • Vocabulary: Vacation activities
      • Grammar: The simple past (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: An airplane that is now a hotel (mobile)
      • Writing: A paragraph about your best (or worst) vacation (mobile)
    • I’m going to go by car.
      • Vocabulary: Transportation
      • Grammar: Going to + verb (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: An amazing race (mobile)
      • Writing: An email about your city