EGC is for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English.  A perfect balance of challenge and support gradually builds students’ confidence and lets them have real success communicating in English. Students learn best from their own experiences, and EGC encourages them to bring ideas and opinions to class with personalization activities on every page.

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Estimated Time: 3 months

Difficulty: Basic User (A1)


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    • What’s she wearing?
      • Vocabulary: Clothing (mobile)
      • Grammar: The present continuous (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: What people are doing (mobile)
      • Writing: A text message about what you are doing (mobile)
    • Are there any windows?
      • Vocabulary: Household items (mobile)
      • Grammar: There is & There are (mobile)
      • Pronunciation: Stress in content words (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Describing rooms (mobile)
    • The bank is on the corner 
      • Grammar: Giving directions (mobile)
      • Pronunciation: Rising intonation for confirmation (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Directions (mobile)
      • Writing: A text message about what you are doing (mobile)
      • Vocabulary: Places around town (mobile)
    • Do we have any milk?
      • Vocabulary: Food and drink (mobile)
      • Grammar: Count and noncount nouns / some and any (mobile)
      • Pronunciation: Intonation for items in a series (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Food and drink (mobile)
    • Where were you yesterday?
      • Vocabulary: Everyday places (mobile)
      • Grammar: The past tense of be (mobile)
      • Pronunciation: Reduction of sounds with was (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Past activities and places (mobile)
    • What did you do?
      • Vocabulary: Leisure activities  (mobile)
      • Grammar: The simple past
      • Pronunciation: Reduction of did you (mobile)
      • Listening Practice (mobile)
      • Reading: Past activities (mobile)
      • Writing: A letter about trip (mobile)