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For many, it is not easy to start learning to be independent. We reassure you that we are here to provide the support you need. 

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Online Learning

The broad definition of Online Learning is straightforward and easy, the learning that happens through the use of the internet. 

Yet, at Edniche, we narrow it down to learning that allows students to study using our online learning platform, which is

Students choose a course and study through a well-organized path of the recorded video lessons with numerous exercises of various types. 

Online Learning
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Blended & Virtual Class

If you are not comfortable enough on your own, we are here to guide you through our Blended or Virtual Class solution. 

These classes combine classroom learning with online learning, in which students can, in part, control the time, pace of their learning. 


Blended & Virtual Class
With a Coach

Your Private Moment

Sometimes a negative experience can dissuade learners from further studies or they may give up at an early stage. Other obstacles include finding it hard to speak or pronounce the new language, not progressing fast enough or feeling unmotivated. 

A Language Coach also helps the coachee discover and eliminate obstacles that would prevent them from achieving their language learning goals. These can be inhibitions, frustrations and underlying limiting beliefs. By rethinking and redesigning these beliefs and other factors, the coachee's mindset and attitude to learning will change. Learning blockages are removed for a more successful learning outcome.

Your Private Moment

Precise and

Start with the placement test to help determine the right level to begin your journey.

The placement test can be taken online, which is very convenient. After then, enrolling is quick and easy.

Please chat with us on telegram @ednicheinfo (011455567).

Precise and

Get Recognized

Each course within each path carries different conditions to certification.

But for sure, you will be able to get your language skills certified, given that you follow the terms and conditions.

For details, kindly contact us through telegram @ednicheinfo (011455567).

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